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    Thank you for a well written article. I’m seeing a need to press in and express more urgently what I believe is the truth – what God’s Word has to say on whatever subject is being discussed. My friend and I are attending a Creation conference in mid-October and I wonder if we will encounter anyone there who tries to express their opposing views. Please pray for me as I become more willing to express my belief of God to others, even my own family. Thank you, Susan

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    Brewsta, I am not sure that I agree with you when it comes to Gimlets. First I like them in tumbler or low-ball glasses. If they are done in a martini glass, it is a… martini? Then, I prefer them on the rocks. Straight up, its a…martini? When it comes to drinking I have aview…I don't claim to be right though…

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    Thank you Marcia, Sometimes people don’t realize what they are doing sometimes they do. I know where my heart is and it’s w/ my children and the shared excitement in reading and writing. Fun fact, my daughter (now 5) and I are collaborating on a book for children now. Just need to find an illustrator.What keeps you writing when things are chaotic, hectic or ‘getting in the way’?~ Cat

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    David, I’m a nurse. I have two large mugs of coffee from my Italian, stove top espresso maker. This is equivolent to five normal cups. This is good for you, antioxidants, wards off dementia, etc.As for the monarchy, I’ve lost interest. I used to think that brave men and women had fought under that flag, so it was a good thing to keep it. Now I fear that we are just another little star on the stars ‘n’ stripes, so, as I’ve said, I no longer care!

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    Jag har hört om programmet och skulle kolla pÃ¥ det… men missade det tyvärr när det gick! Men jag började grÃ¥ta bara av att läsa ditt inlägg om det… sÃ¥, jag hade aldrig klarat att se det utan tÃ¥rar!!!

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    I was only two days ago discussing the perfection of a self fulfilling prophecy with my son after he'd read the Graveyard Book. It's one of those books that spark comment long after you've stopped reading. And I have been quietly in awe of the way a short story has become an entire book – new but without having lost its essence. … big congratulations to Mr Gaiman.

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    Pelo trailer dá para ter somente mais um pouquinho de noção do quão bom é o ator Wagner Moura…É isso ai meu garoto.. Continue divulgando o nome de nossa amada Bahia pelas telas de cinema do Brasil, pois você é show.Abração!! Valeu pela postagem carequinha… TAS tu tb é fera bro…

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    Congratulations to both! I was with Stephanie at the Kultur och Media department when we found out the news (she, in turn, found it out via Facebook) and we were really happy for you! Look forward to hearing more about the project.

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    For someone who is so particular about grammar it’s a pity that you got Jim McKay’s name wrong twice. I am just happy that we got some network coverage. Seems to me that most racing fans are not happy unless they have something to complain about. It was a great race and we should be very happy about the outcome.

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    Et Noora hirveästi seuraa (talous)politiikkaa, jos olet sitä mieltä, että Suomi on rikas ja sillä on varaa auttaa. Miksi Suomi sitten ottaa miljoonien lainoja samalla kun peruskoulutuksesta, mielenterveyshoidosta, vanhustenhoidosta ja muista julkisista palveluista leikataan jatkuvasti?

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    “Pirates” were the theme for the University of Wisconsin’s Homecoming parade this past fall. Maybe it’s a hip, college thing that the young people are down with. I noted on the Knit.1 site that they also drop hip-young-people cues like “set your Tivos” and “anything else you want to rap about.” I doubt I’m their in target demo. Wait…isn’t “rapping” in this context a sixties term?

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    Leco, eu estava falando do manual do novo navegador web lançado nesta semana pelo Google, o Chrome. Gostei muito do navegador, mas simplesmente adorei o manual em formato de HQ e feito por um cartunista famoso.Vinicius, o Chrome é muito bem feito também. Gostei muito dos recursos de aba com navegação anônima e do gerenciador de processos embutido no browser. A idéia de poder matar um plugin ou um site problemático ao invés do navegador todo é muito boa. Acho que vale a pena pelo menos testar. 🙂

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    But of course “modelling” (in the sense of making and painting models) is considered a hobby in and of itself – just look at those detailed Tamiya and Dragon kits! Clearly the people buying them don’t consider prepping and painting them as a chore.I think the point is that the manufacturers are only supplying a *part* of the hobby, however comprehensive their range, not the *all* of it. Which is absolutely fine as long as they (and we) recognise which parts we are each contributing and don’t try and step on each other’s toes!

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    Thanks, Ken! That’s nice of you to say. The Wikipedia article on panic disorder is pretty good; I’ve read it a few times before.I’ve heard that most people will suffer a panic attack during their lives (usually during stress). In some ways, I think it’s easier for me because now I recognize the symptoms and know what’s going on.

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    51 shorei agree with one important exception. You idea holds for people who make the median income or higher. put if you remember the chart i posted the other day, $4.50 gas is approx 40% of a families gross income if they are in the bottom 20% of family earners. ( 20% of american families make 25K/yr or less).current gas prices can be crippling to these families

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    Howdy this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Very nice. I particularly like the sepia pictures on page 4. Depending on how the light catches the edges of the bases, they can blend in pretty well. I suspect also that they may well blend in better in real life rather than in pictures as you’ll need to flood them with light to get a good shot, increasing the chances of a glint off the base. Great stuff though. Thanks!

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    I really enjoyed reading your blog on food and eating. I agree 100% with the principles you shared. I am also a Shiatsu practitioner and I have a special interest in food, Eastern nutrition and mindful eating. I run mindful eating workshops to help people get more in touch with their bodies so they can be guided to eating better. I look forward to reading more…

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    DLS Let them draw up the plans. One that favors the Republicans and the other that favors the Democrats. When they have each plan perfectly laid out and exactly the way each party wants it then come to me and Ill flip a coin.No! When they come to you, shoot them, then substitute your own, better plan. Heh, heh

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    É o tal negócio de mistificar tudo. Os números mostram que com melhor administração de recursos públicos, controle de gastos correntes de custeio e de pessoal, seria possível pagar os R$600,00 que Serra colocou como meta aos aposentados. A cada dia vai ficando mais claro quem tinha razão e quem faltava coma verdade.

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    “tão mau” é por certo uma criatura que por despeito ou qualquer outro vil sentimento se arroga a substituir a justiça. Os pais mataram a criança? Foi raptada? Dificilmente o saberemos e em boa parte “graças” ao Senhor Amaral.

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    Bocs'- ( de csak-csak kb. 03 órától "adásban vagyok"…)-és szót sem, hogy 08 órakor terveztem volna a kilépést…OK! – igyekszem jól beírni a linket % Bocs' Kimaradt : tévedések "vígjátéka" ?- mintha légpuskával is meglÅ‘tte volna egyik rokonomat a gyermekem ?- )de az is más történet) – lehetne ! Sok hibáért, melléütésért elnézést ! – ill. bocs' ! *********************************Kimegyek a KUKA-ért (most) – és egy kis idÅ‘re "visszavonulnék!"

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    mira , no se quien sos pero sos bastante ignorante .. la republica argentina es el pais mas seguro de america latina , pero sabes que ? quedate en tu lugar como dice el otro y trata de no venir a criticar de tu tierra asi estamos tranquilos a ver si nos robas vos a nossotros. gracias luis de ushuaia, el fin del mundo

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    Another comment/thread colonized by Alicia Banks. It never fails. I dont know your or have anything against you, but you cant colonize every other thread here with your narrow GBLT agenda. Seriously. Give other folks a chance without having to go after them 'cause they arent doing what you're doing.

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    Hey there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any solutions to prevent hackers?

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    Mi permetto di ricordare che a Chiusi, come dappertutto, c’è un sacco di gente che non naviga sui blog, che non legge nemmeno i giornali (al massimo le locandine esposte fuori dalle edicole)… Convocare un’assemblea pubblica, scrivendolo solo su un blog non so francamente a quanto possa servire. Una comunicazione a tutta la stampa, qualche manifesto o locandina, magari aiuterebbero. Poi non ci si lamenti se la gente – qella che vota e basta – non viene…

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    sais que ton message était pour Valérie mais, j’ose lolllJe suis désolé pour toi ! Par contre, je crois que voilà pkoi, il est bien « d’attaquer » plus tôt pour ne pas tomber ds cettte fameuse case ! Gars COMME FILLE !T’en fais pas ! Un écureuil de plus loll

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    Hi Anna,Congratulations on your (1st?) ten mile run! That is really wonderful–you must have had a lovely post-exercise glow–I know I do after a great workout. I actually daydream about the next time I’ll go running; isn’t that funny? Unlike you, my weak knee keeps me on a treadmill, and I envy you your beautiful outdoor running scenery.

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